Stein hoisting

The 50th Annual Stein Hoisting National Championships are here:

Okay stein studs get ready to hoist those beer chalices with your arms out! Feel the burn and get ready for eternal stein glory.  Men and women over 21 years of age are invited to participate in the competition! It’s your ultimate test of arm/shoulder strength. How does it work?

Rules:  Participants can qualify for the finals at any participating Denver Area bar during scheduled promotions OR qualify at the 50th Annual Denver Oktoberfest.  You must hold two full 1.5 Liter steins with straight arms in front of you. The male and female contestants who hold up the steins for the longest time will win an amazing prize courtesy of Spaten.

Last year over 8,000 spectators were at the finals to cheer on the Male and Female competitors. The atmosphere was electric—think Gladiator or Game Seven of the World Series.  This event will be held during all six days of Oktoberfest.  To participate all you need to do is show up and tell a staff member by the stage that you want to join in the fun!

The stein hoisting championships will take place on Saturday, September 28th at 9pm.

For information on participating please stop by the stage at 22nd and Larimer.